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SPHR PHR Human Resources Certification

People with a career path in Human Resources will eventually come to a place in their career where they would like to excel beyond their peers. A true professional in the human resources job market will be able to show their advanced knowledge by taking the Senior Professional in Human Resources exam. While this exam and certification is completely up to the person taking it. Getting your Senior Professional in Human Resources certification can have a lot of benefits for your career. When thinking about gaining a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification you should consider if you are a good candidate for taking the SPHR exam. Candidates will display the following characteristics among other things:



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-          SPHR exam candidates should have at least six years of progressive human resources experience.

-          Candidates should also understand how inside and outside decisions can effect the entire organization

-          Designing and planning are an important skill to have with the Senior Professional in Human Resources certification

-          Strong negotiation skills are a must

-          Credibility throughout their communities and the organization with their field experience

-          Has a good sense of judgment

-          Knows how to accept accountability


There are many other skills that will help Senior Professional in Human Resources candidates. If you decide you are ready to try and pass your SPHR exam you will find many benefits if you do. Once you are certified your resume will stand out from the crowd when you are searching for a position. Most HR recruiters prefer certification to a non-certified applicant. You will also get business recognition for being a better self-motivator. This is a great message to send out to people in your professional world. Let people know that you are committed to a higher standard of work ethic when you become certified. You will be able to show off exactly how well you know your stuff when you become certified.


Employers will sometimes require staff to receive some sort of HR certification to help guarantee that the HR programs and policies stay as up to date as possible. This shows that your organization is willing to go the extra mile to stay a step above the rest. Competing for the top positions will be a breeze if your entire staff is certified and your staff will exude the confidence needed to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Options when preparing for the SPHR or PHR certificate exam include classes at various schools, prep courses given by various organizations and home study guides, books and questions for preparation.


When you decide that it is time to seek out your SPHR certification the first step is to go to the Human Resources Certification Institutes website and register. Once you have meet the eligibility requirements you can start beginning a Senior Professional in Human Resources study program to help you prepare for the certification testing. SPHR study materials are available and should be used wisely. Once you have completed the necessary courses you will be eligible to take the SPHR exam and finally be able to add those important initials to your title. This will show everyone how dedicated you are to your job.